FADC President’s Message

 February 2020

Dear fellow Democrats,

As we start the 2020 New Year, we have already had a lot happen and we know there is a lot more to come.  We must be Ready, Engaged and Committed to our democracy.

We have seen the President impeached, but he doesn’t seem to understand the strong message the majority of Americans sent him about his unbecoming conduct in the White House. Maybe he does, but he chooses to ignore it seems to keep his base riled up. It’s scary that he has actually become emboldened and more arrogant, ignoring the rule of law

It feels like there is no hope for Mr. Trump to behave like a leader. He continues to be divider-in-chief. So, we the Democrats will continue to call him out and resist. We go high as he and his GOP buddies go low.

Ready. The Folsom Area Democratic Club is doing great things!  We are moving forward with the Folsom City Council By-district Elections initiative. We are submitting a formal letter and a petition signed by more than 400 residents to the Folsom City Council on Tuesday, February 18. And look for our column in the Folsom Telegraph about our work on “By-district” elections.  Thank you to those who signed our petition.  Please continue to support this initiative, contact City Council, spread the word and help in whatever the capacity you can.

Engaged. We are also planning political actions to help our Democratic candidates win their elections in November by knocking on doors, organizing fundraising, registering voters, and other activities. Stay tuned for more info.

Also, let me take this opportunity to ask you to vote for our FADC members, Chris Yatooma and Muriel Brounstein, who are running to be on the Democratic Central Committee representing District 4. If you are a registered Democrat in Sacramento County, you will see their names on the ballot that you received. Remember to vote in the March 3 Primary!

Committed. I want to encourage you to volunteer in the election process. I have myself signed up as an Election inspector for Placer County.  Interested in volunteering for Sacramento County, click on the link to Work the Elections https://elections.saccounty.net/Pages/Work-the-Election.aspx

Finally, please come to the monthly meeting on February 25th. Our guest speaker is Matthew Ceccato, Sacramento district director for Congressman Ami Bera who will discuss current legislative issues. February 25, 2020 at 6:00 PM at Round Table Pizza at Broadstone 2793 E. Bidwell St, Suite 100, Folsom.

In the coming months, we will have local officials speak at our meetings as well as tackle the issues that we Democrats care about as we move to the critical November election.

Thank you all very much for your continued support. See you on the 25th!

Vijay Jonnalagadda