Candidates and Endorsements

California has selected its candidates. Now we have to Get Out the Vote (GOTV)! November 3rd is less than six months away.

It’s not a cliché; this is the most important election of our lifetime. Get involved in Folsom and help us turn other districts to the Democratic side by joining the 2020 Coalition.

Club Endorsements

Process for local candidates (city council, etc.)

  • Interested in being endorsed? The club considers endorsements based on each candidate’s positions on topics important to Folsom residents. Click for FolsomCityCouncilQuestionnaire or SchoolBoardQuestionnaire.
  • The club membership will endorse candidates at a later date (once the filing deadline has passed).
  • Chris Yatooma’s candidate profile for Los Rios School Board
  • Braden Murphy’s candidate profile for City Council. 5/26/2020: Braden Murphy has withdrawn his candidacy


Local Canvassing and Campaigning

  • We will be collaborating the three campaigns (listed above) for canvassing and getting-out-the-vote (GOTV) actions across all of the Folsom precincts.
  • Do not throw out your yard signs! You can put them back up 60 days before the November election (per Folsom law).